Love yoga, hate slipping? Try our anti-slip, anti-microbial, eco-friendly mat!


Included with every mat is a NITE carrying bag and all-natural mat spray.

NITE Yoga Mat

  • About this mat

    The top layer is made from natural tree cork, a slip-resistant material which becomes even grippier the wetter it gets. The bottom is natural rubber, which provides strong support without sacrificing necessary cushion.


    The mat does not require breaking in, nor does it emit that toxic synthetic smell, letting you focus on your form with a natural feel. The mat is ready when you are!

  • Why we love this

    We love this mat because it solved our problem of slipping during difficult sessions, while being an eco-friendly alternative to synthetic mats.


    Next time you're in a down dog and feel your hands sliding up towards the top of the mat, know the NITE yoga mat would be there for you.

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