About the mat

Our mat is made from all natural cork and rubber, which allows it to be:


Our mat is composed of a grippy cork top and a cushy rubber backing, with a biodegradable netting in between. Our natural netting is biocompatible with the cork and rubber layers and binds them firmly without industrial adhesives to ensure the durability of your mat, no matter how strenuous the workout. The reinforced tactile surface prevents slipping while offering a natural alternative to other high-grip products, so you can hold your pose longer and stronger.


Cork is naturally antimicrobial, so it keeps fighting bacteria and other germs long after you finish. We still recommend you wipe your mat down once you finish a class with our all-natural yoga mat cleaner and lay or hang it to dry.


Cork is a naturally grippy surface that becomes grippier the wetter it gets. So as your class gets tougher, you can focus on your form instead of worrying about slipping. As an added bonus, the Nite yoga mat is purposely weighted to stay put while you get going, so you can say goodbye to scrunching and hello to seamless transitions.

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